We are a medium sized engineering company and we are keen to quote for one off prototypes and repair work. We are also confident with handling larger production requirements at competitive rates.

CNC Turning

Up to 450mm diameter x 1200mm between centres

Centre Lathe Turning

Up to 1200mm diameter x 4000mm between centres

Vertical Boring

Up to 1300mm diameter; max height above table 600mm

Horizontal Boring

Up to 1200mm across x 1050mm vertical. Between Pillars - 2700mm

Radial and Pillar Drilling

Up to 1500mm radial; No 5 morse taper


Vertical and horizontal milling (Bridgeports x 4)


Up to 200mm slotting depth

Automatic Saw Cutting

Material cut up to 300mm diameter

Welding and Fabrication

MIG, TIG and electric Arc Welding


Up to 10mm thickness x 1000mm

Please contact us with your requirements, we shall do our utmost to meet your price, quality and delivery needs, no matter how large or small your order may be.